about me…

I am…

  • born and raised in Michigan.
  • happily married since 1997 to high school sweetheart.
  • raising 4 amazing, funny, wonderful, handsome boys (young men even).
  • human mommy to one snoring, farting, adorable loving bulldog and 2 wonderfully adorable goldendoodles (Cinder & Waffles)…check out their insta
  • a confident woman (but 90% of my ‘arrogance’ is VERY tongue-in-cheek)
  • outspoken
  • opinionated
  • open-minded/liberal
  • quick-witted
  • sarcastic
  • a hell of a lot of fun
  • smart (not as smart as I seem with Google in my corner lol)
  • a programmer/coder/web developer (and I am good at it)

I love…

  • my husband
  • my kids
  • Porkchop & the girls
  • coding and developing websites and custom software
  • helping people
  • gadgets and gizmo’s- technology in general
  • knitting/crocheting
  • scrapbooking (digitally- are you shocked?)
  • writing
  • a strong, well thought out argument/debate

I get pissed when…

  • people are mean
  • people are greedy
  • people are close minded, ignorant and vocal about it
  • people underestimate me
  • people assume my ‘techie’ abilities are tied to my gender (yeah, I’m a girl. Deal with it.)
  • people assume I must be disappointed to have all boys (nope, girl power is great, but I love my boys)
  • people are intolerant to those that are different than them (gender/sexual orientation/health/politics/religion/opinion)

A few habits of mine…

  • I am rambly…
  • I make up words…(like rambly)
  • I apologize more than I should…
  • I apologize for things I shouldn’t…
  • I use an ellipsis (…) a lot…
  • I swear like a sailor in real life… and online…
  • I use Google to figure out just about everything…
  • I make mistakes…
  • I generally fix my mistakes before anyone knows…
  • I work through lunch, and never take breaks… getting better at this!