contact me…

I figured I better give people a way to contact me that isn’t through this blog since I seem to suck at checking the comments and replying. (I do reply, and I do try to check, I am just busy)

I am also back doing freelance work feel free to contact me if you need some tech help or have a development project you would like me to work on. I am contracting full time from home now, so get in touch if you have a project in mind!

Otherwise if you have a question or need a response from me faster you can contact me via my personal e-mail: marnie.nickelson(at) (remember though, wedding proposals and/or offers to run away together and program into the sunset will be ignored, however gifts may be considered ;)).

You can also reach me via Facebook (message me first- don’t just request friends, I will probably ignore it) or Twitter (feel free to follow me, but I don’t lead very much there).

If you would like to contact me via phone or Skype please email me first and I will reply with my contact details there. Thanks so much!