Well well well

A new phase in my life has begun! I am now working as a remote contract developer for software and web development. What does this mean? It means I get to work from home! What else does it mean? It means I get flexible hours, to wear my PJ’s if I feel like it, and work at 3 am without anyone complaining. What is even better is I get to pick and choose the jobs and projects I want, I get to do what I love (helping people and technology work together) and I get to volunteer and teach classes with my flexible schedule!

This means I can take new contract jobs (contact me if you have a project you want me to work on), I can support my family doing what I love and all from the comfort of my new home office! Great deal if I do say so myself.

Finding myself unemployed unexpectedly in February was a shock to say the least, but once the shock wore off and I put myself out there I found that everything truly does happen for a reason and the opportunities are great. The hiring process is long and tedious in my field and I considered moving and commuting because I was sure I wanted full time employment. Then I considered all the pro’s and con’s of full time employment with one company. Biggest issue was moving or commuting. The money was great, even in the area’s where my experience was limited, however driving and hour or more each way to be at an office more than an hour from my family for 8 + hours a day didn’t seem that great. I spoke with a few contract developers and realized the demand great and remote work could be the ticket. I get to stay in my little town, and work from home. I can leave my desk to deal with whatever family stuff I need to, I can stop stressing over so much and start loving what I do again.

I am very excited for this opportunity and thankful to all the recruiters and head-hunters that worked with me through the long process of interviewing and making the choice to be a full time contractor. Super thankful to my family for being supportive and on to the next phase! 😀

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